Company Formation

Company Formation

If you want your new business registered without any unnecessary hassle and risk, we can do that for you.

Prior to incorporation need to obtain the approval for the selected name of the company.

A local address is necessary as the ‘registered address’ of the company. Copy of NIC or Passport  with full names and residential addresses of local / foreign shareholders and Directors need to be provided.

A company is required to have a Company Secretary registered to function locally.

After incorporation and receipt of Certificate of Incorporation , A certified copy of Form 1, which gives the registered particulars of the company, should be obtained (This is required to open the Company Bank Account) and need to publish the Statutory Notice of incorporation in three (03) daily newspapers and in the Government Gazette informing the public of the incorporation of the company. Copies of these published notices should be submitted to the Companies Registry.

Then  you may prepare the statutory books for the Company (i.e. Register of Shareholders, Directors and Secretaries and Minute Book.)  company stamp, ink seal and the Share Certificate Book designed for the Company. (a board resolution should be passed to issue shares at first board meeting.)

We provide all company services, incorporation, share issue, annual return preparation and submission, board meetings, annual general meetings, company secretarial service, address service, liquidation, winding up and all related services.


30 July 2018