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Making an Import

The organization that is concerned with this is Sri Lanka Customs.

1. Submit duly filled Customs Form No: 53 (CUSDEC I & II) with all the required documents, signed by the consignee and the declaration to Long Room.

The CUSDECs should be submitted in following copies:

– Warrant copy

– Delivery copy

– Consignee’ copy

Documentary Requirements:

(i) Bill of Lading

(ii) Delivery Order

(iii) Bank stamped invoice other than instances where goods have been imported on NFE basis

(iv) Any technical information required to classify the HS Code

(v) Documents to prove the Country of Origin

(vi) If the goods imported are restricted, necessary licenses permits from relevant authority such as Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (TRC), Cosmetic Devices and Drugs Authority (CDDA), Sri Lanka Standards Institution (SLSI), Import and Export Control Department etc.

(vii) Value Declaration form duly filled in two copies

(viii) Proof for the mode of remittance such as Letter of Credit,

Telegraphic Transfer etc.

(ix) Packing List


(x) Any special certificates such as duty waivers etc.

2. Receive Certified Assessment Notice from the Long Room by the importer (or its agent) for making payments to the bank. Payments also could be made electronically.

3. After the payment is made, forward Cus Dec with all connected documents to Screening Unit to decide the examination criteria.

4. Examine the goods according to the criteria decided by the Screening Unit.

5. Release the goods.